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Clear Yourself

Clear Yourself of all that is not true to you. Negative energies, thoughts, feelings. Rather than carrying on resisting the effects of these. Take time to notice them and shake them off.

Just as nature balances itself with the world around continuously. you can rebalance yourself to moderate the world too. By noticing your feelings and the experience your body is having you can take responsibility for your now experience.

Your feeling and body experience can be a barometer to your relationship with the world around you. As it portends unease you can step up to tend the sails. There is a perfection in balance as it keeps a sail boat from breaching it also keeps you present, in your body.

The barometer is yours and you have set it to alert you when things must be tended to. Are you satisfied with where your set point is or would you like to adjust it? Do you tend to wait just a wee bit long before taking action and experience chaos in action while you steer about?

To create change in your world, expand into your new frequencies, or manifest your next new idea, you do not need chaos stress or overwhelm. You can simply feel your way out of contentment or stress. That alone is enough incentive to lean into the next new.

It is that simple as though nudging a horse. The thought that proceeds your lean is every bit as noticed by the horse as the lean! So to does the creative consciousness respond to your thought and lean into the new.

This will not happen though if you allow all the energies, frequencies and emotions swirling around like dust devils, cloud your way. Your job is to notice when you become disoriented and choose the next action or inaction that will re-balance you. Pivoting you back to center, back to your journey and purpose.

This re-centering does not need to feel like ureka! or energized clarity- though it could. However, it simply could eel like Ahh, I can breathe, my body feels like mine again, I can let go. While these initially sound small, the rebalancing is complete and will create momentum toward your Ureka!

By learning to inquire to and listen to your body the steps to rebalancing will be easy. Simple as taking a nap, apologizing, changing a light bulb, getting out of the house or getting fresh air. It is important to honor the little requests. To the body, little or big, it’s all the same. So do yourself a favor and listen to the small requests and there won’t be the huge ones! Like your fired, Divorce by surprise, illness…etc..As these turn up in the form of chronic issues and are very unnecessary.

You are blessed and very powerful That is the power to effortlessly change your frequency to be the world and experience you want to have. It is effortless. As effortless as playing make believe. And every bit as powerful! Your imagination will be your salvation.

Activate this today. Play with it. Dream! Clearing yourself will be a regular check in and re-balance. Just as nature does.

Your imagination opens the way to communicating with your body and instantly creating the balance requested.

The magic lies within you. Turn it on!

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