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Mystery School

Have you ever heard of Mystery School? There was a time and place for this school. Now we want you to know you all are in mystery school. It is a special place to face the aspects of you holding you back from your highest potential as well as a teaching of who you are and access to your highest potential.

You are there. Mystery School is all around you. You only have to ask the question. What is your question? Feeling into the question is an art. One that would be very good to practice.

This world you live in is a matrix of opportunity and frequencies available to you at all times. Most people are unaware of any frequency or opportunity. These people live in a box of limiting beliefs reliving much the same day over and over.

The conscious present person is a whole other story. There are no walls, no box. There is possibility. That coupled with the ability each person has to change their own frequency is the canvas of creation.

Mystery School teaches surrender. Surrender of everything you thought was reality or real. The programming you received growing up is your greatest hinderance. One, because it doesn’t serve you any longer and Two, because you are oblivious to the fact it is a fully operating system governing most day to day activities!

Are you ready for Mystery School? Yes? What is Mystery School?

Surrender everything you believed about your world, your reality. To get to the truth about the truth of you. You are infinite consciousness. This truth has no way of fitting in any of your box beliefs. It can not fit.

So to truly understand you must undo forever the ideas you carry of smallness, lack and individuality.

Recognition and integration of infinite consciousness does not mean loss of identity however you no longer will have any investment in your separateness including identity, personality or body. It will be an equal part of the whole of this experience.

Built into the matrix around you is everything. Every answer and every question you will ever have. It is all up to you to discover them or uncover them. They are embedded every where in all different frequencies. Holding the key to your expansion.

This is a journey within. However since you believe you are form in a physical reality it stands to reason that the journey within can be accessed via the physical experience.

The journey is one of co-creation to expand into the new. The journey of expansion is to increase ones frequency. Majority never step far out of their one frequency. A few climb steadily, finding path and tools as they map out their route to oneness. A very special few leap form the reality of form to the reality of infinite consciousness. There is no right way to be here, now.

Back to the idea of Mystery School. You are living in a veritable reassure hunt. The solutions you seek are all readily available to you once you have solved the frequency differential.

Welcome to a reality of infinite possibility. Serving All.


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