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Playing Big in a Small World

Playing Big is such a delicious way to live. We see you as alive playing big or asleep, playing small.

Before you came to this experience you were very much alive conscious and playing big. Otherwise you couldn’t have go here. Then as happens with the experience you forgot who you were. While you most definitely had a built in compass to navigate this world it is entirely possible your environment superceded your ability to feel into your path.

The fact you can hear this means you have remembered who you are. This is evident in your life by your ability to ground, stand in your power, love yourself and recognize your manifesting the world around you.

You come from a reality beyond language so there is no amount of words to express the full truth of who you are. It is in your ability to expand that greater remembering occurs.

As you expand you may notice the frequency shifting in your body. Humming, buzzing or opening to the senses. This will become your new norm. We encourage you to own these expansions. Anchor them in and feel the stretch. Always noticing the slightest tug of anything holding you back. These are just as important to release.

The Mystery School you have access to is a fantastic way to play into your truth.

Around you are phenomenal tools. Many of which you are drawn to naturally. These are vibrationally a perfect fit. The clans and tribes and wise people who kept these tools and methods alive awaiting a time when they could be received and accessed safely again.

What would your life be like if your focus was purely surrendering into your next expansion?

Do you feel incongruity with how you work and your inner journey? When you work, do chores, engage in your physical life, do you fell joy? Do you feel the love all around you?

It is time to align the various aspects of you. All the aspects hold the whole as a hologram and show you quite clearly what is next to realize and transmute. These include beliefs, habits, thoughts and patterns.

Breaking this code is the path. Create a momentum of transmuting and life will change and expand beyond anything you could have dreamt.

As you find your path in the surrender and release of that which is NOT you, NOT love, NOT God, you find the oneness.

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