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This is not a world of lessons

This is not a world of lessons! You were divinely perfect when you came and you’ll be divine love returning to love when you leave this reality.

Anything less is illusion. So why the illusion you ask.

Your ability to recognize the difference between illusion and love is the skill set to develop. As you master this ability you will be fully empowered to know yourself and the oneness.

This is a powerful foundation for being one who manifests.

Many are manifesting while in the belief of illusion. Finding again and again unhappiness in the end result. It will never be enough. Illusion is all about lack, all about searching outside of yourself for the answers and solutions and oneness.

It will never work. Outside of you only exists more of the lack or whatever the current mind paradigm is believing.

To stop seeking outside is a big necessary step to feel your greatness you must stop and begin to focus on you. To honor and respect yourself stop and let the quiet trickle in.

Begin to choose the frequencies you want more often! Choose based on fun and loving yourself. This isn’t about manipulating the energies to serve you it is about falling in love with yourself and allowing all aspects of your life to become extension of you. You in love will find the inspired action and thus the path that most directly leads to what you most desire.

As you become aware to the reality that you are not here to learn. You are here to co-create. To create that which has never been before, for the purpose of expanding consciousness. This is why you came.

The awareness shift here will save you much time in the continued voluntary wheel of classrooms.

Once you accept your purpose for being here. The old supposed lessons become guideposts for the journey you came for. We love guideposts! Guideposts shaw you the way. The way may be simply another direction or it could be through the eye of an old pattern or belief. If a guidepost is showing or highlighting a belief that is not a match to the frequency of where you are going. It must be transmuted.

Guideposts will always point out the discrepancy in frequency in the various areas of your life. It is up to you to clear these. It is not personal and there is no judgement here. Merely clearing the old so the new may be received.

It is time with the awareness to practice and live detachment. If you are attached to your thoughts, beliefs and emotions you will have much resistance in clearing them. Breath often and decide that love, alignment, clarity and love are more important than holding onto this old pattern, momentum.

As you loosen your hold on your illusionary world, truth and love and everything you desire will flow in and fill the void.

It was only ever you holding it back!

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