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Tapping into the All That Is

Tapping into the all that is

There is so much confusion, over stimulation, numbing out, depression, anxiety and victimhood. It will take owning your power to step outside of these new common states of being.

We remind you that nothing you want is here so choose again.

It is no small feat to change your frequency from one of depression to one of joy. It is do-able and highly recommended. You deserve to be accessing what you want when you want. This will only happen within the higher frequencies.

We don’t want you blindly aiming for abundance when you don’t know what this means to you. Success? What does this mean?

Aiming for something that you’ve merely taken someone else’s idea of or suggestion does not create the most steady platform to build on.

Set down and really go deep into your definitions for what you want. Declare what you want and over define every aspect.

That’s it. You are done with that.

The work is not in pushing, forcing, working or efforting.

It is in the presentness and gratitude. Mindfulness to serve the highest good of all. It is letting go of the outcomes. Bring your heart into alignment with Source and feel the knowing. In this there lies the knowledge that all is perfect as it is. You can come visit this space anytime. You can ask questions and receive inspired action. You can create here too. Be setting intentions here you are creating in the pure plasma of creation. Make your intention as pointed and deliberate as you can. This space is like a coloring book or journal that you can plan and design in about anything.

We want you to feel the power you have to create. It is amazing.

Allow life to come to you. Create and allow. Watch for the beliefs which are kicking in, stealthily sabotaging your progress. Release these.

Look around at the behaviors which also sabotage you. This is not about being task master to productivity. This is about enjoying your life. Awareness and gratitude. If these are derailed so too is the quality of your life. With what you know today you can have the life you remember or dream of having.

Simplify your life and you can return to when life was simpler. Love more and you create the life you dreamed of.

You must embody the aspects you want in your life. Then life must mirror it back. Quiet simple.

Let go of fear and find the path of gratitude to everything you want.

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