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Letting go of Illusion

Letting Go Of Illusion

We are so happy you are hearing our message that you will be achieving what you want a you let go of all the other peoples ways. You are ready to trust yourself and honor your intuition. It is in your loving yourself and letting go of the pushing into the things which do not excite you.

When and if you are to use them, they will then be the ease, the path you are to take.

Do not force anything. At this place in your experience it is all about ease and flow. Allowing and being. Celebrating the now moment.

As you are kind to yourself the truths will reveal themselves the most gentle ways. You have no more use for dark nights of the soul or chronic pain. All pain and discomfort is resistance. Resistance is pushing against the direction your body is naturally inclined to take. So in this new moment honor your body and do not push. Listen to your body and even if you do not understand play along. Follow your intuition and notice as the old aches and pains next away. Your bodies natural state is well being. You are capable of self healing.

As you love yourself you allow. As you allow you forgive, As you forgive you soften. As you soften you find the power within.

This inner power is the fortitude to follow the guidance to your calling even when you feel blind to the process you are in.

Hone your guidance system so you get to the point that the only answer is to stay in balance. And this may mean never truly knowing the physical form your outcomes will take. However, you will always recognize them when they come because the frequency is a perfect match to you.

The world is shifting and morphing to keep up with the creation you bring. Begin to play with what is possible harness every moment to serve you by transmuting the low frequencies and expanding the high frequencies into all areas of your experience.

There are no small moments. Every moment is a gift. You are adventuring beyond the unknown. Keep your truth as your light and all illusion will stay far away. Illusion has no form or existence at all when light shines. It is only fear and hiding ourselves from truth which keeps it alive.

Only that which is truth can be seen in the light. Do not waste your time or your breath looking upon these illusions. Once you recognize it is illusion the only course is to let it go. Allow the love and light to fill the space it voided.

You are this ready! You are amazing. It is in this level of presentness that the world will bow to you and serve you as we always knew. You are consciousness. You are creator. Begin to act like it.

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