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Allow, Allow, Allow

Allow yourself to be present, to witness, to notice without judgement. You’ve already laid the best plans. You’ve already spoke clearly about all that you want.

It is this level of allowing. The presentness that will receive. In the presentness and witnessing you will effortlessly recognize the fruits of your requests. They merely await you to receive. It is time.

In this time of abundance Heaven is at your fingertips. However so many continue to recite the mantras of their ancestors. Those mantras of your forefathers will only create a world that demands survival. This is what you will manifest.

The poorest on the planet have cell phones in their hands. Opportunity abounds and it is up to you to create a new mantra. Step outside the box into the unknown. It is not betrayal of your people or your lineage, your history to create something completely new.

As a soul visiting as a human it is in your interests to create. Create for fun, for sharing, for purpose. Expand out of survival into thriving and prove it by the luxury of creating new for the fun of it. All of creating is worth it. You add to the creative momentum of all in addition to expanding consciousness.

In allowing the urge to create will be born a personal expansion. You will find a depth and room with in you that includes all of the infinite. It will fill you, support you and give you a port for all experience.

Begin to notice the limitation and boundaries you carry with in the old mantras. This serves no one. As you notice and entertain new possibilities it will be easier to make the transition to the new. If you want to receive all the new awaiting you. It is necessary to adopt the protocols. The frequencies that will make it possible.

You are the one who chooses. Every moment is opportunity to choose again. What choice are you making?

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