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Waking up to the beautiful you and your connectedness to everything around.

Awakening is listening to the voice within even when it’s quiet.

It’s being present and allowing yourself to experience your journey.

Using your senses fully. Using your mind and ego as the tools they were intended to be.

Awakening is being able to witness you reality and feel the truth within it.

Life is a journey of finding your way back to you, your truth, your beautiful self.

By remembering and reconnecting with the truth of you, you will find your way back.

This is not work but a process and practice of undoing all the obstacles you put in the way.

And like undoing a knot of yarn it becomes easier as you go. Until it’s almost as though it is undoing itself.

As with a knot of turn you can not rush the undoing.

You can merely be a conduit to assist the process.

By relaxing and being present we are the perfect partner for the undoing of the knot, the resistance, the separation from wholeness.

In waking up unraveling the knots is the side affect.

Mindfulness is the state of being to nor this journey. Oneness is the inevitable end result.

You don’t aim to wake up, become mindful or enter oneness. These are all the natural progression of loving yourself unconditionally.

Can you see where you can love yourself a bit more? This is all there is to do. You are beautiful, you are enough. You are love.

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