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Balance and Flow

You must by now recognize what your personal traps are.

The areas in your life that create contraction. These could be activities, food, people, thoughts, addictions, patterns, beliefs. Take time this week to really get honest about these. Name them, post them, create plans to negate them, bless them, release them. Ultimately changing past cycles of contraction.

You can choose a world of abundance and thriving. This means letting go of beliefs of lack, hardship and victimhood. in a world of abundance we are on the fast tract of expansion. It may speed up and slow down but there is no question you are in expansion.

You will find challenge only with in your own resistance to your journey. The new may scare you. The wealth my overwhelm, the continuous abundance may confuse you.

Knowing this all means you can prepare for it. The ah-ha in. “Here it is!” and “Finally I can try this new idea!”.

The fun is the experience. Many have been brain washed to seek comfort. Comfort does not allow for new or the unknown or expansion. Release the notion of comfort which is embedded with judgement. When you release the notion of comfort being what you seek you can also let go of judgment. My body has a cold leads to enjoying the new sensations of woozy, heaviness, floating in bed at noon. None of which would have happened without the cold.

The very awareness of body being stronger and pointed. A cold becomes a living meditation. Mindfulness.

This became an opportunity because judgement was not a part of the experience. Choose to engage judgement wisely. As part of your creative process rather than daily consciousness.

Balance your life now with Ebb and Flow as part of your expansion.

This means a true awareness and practice in releasing that which engages contraction.

The more you step away from judgement and comfort, the more true pleasure and joy will fill your day.

There i no going back from this. Loving yourself and expansion are partners with you in your experience.

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