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Be the One

Be the One. The one who is aware, the one who dreams, the one who plays, the one who lives, the one who cries, the one who loves, the one who feels. Be the one who is present.

As we come to truly know ourselves in this reality, this matrix of sorts, we soften. The appreciation for all deepens and our response to others begins to honor our own ability to unconditionally love ourselves.

Merely be your choice to be present all this becomes manifest. There is no work in this. It is the joy of the experience for the sake of the journey. Reveling in the realness of it. Because now understand the privilege it is to be here and experience all of this. We no longer wish to exclude any aspect that is made real to us because we can see that this is perfect.

The journey is through experience, not around it, or under or over. We go through. That which we find truth in we transmute to the highest good of all. While it sounds simple we know that it can seem unsurmountable in the face of it. Just honor your part and continue to honor your being while present in the face of your experience.

You will find as you remain present in your experience, inspired action will flow. Follow this and learn to see how the path of least resistance opens in front of you. The only resistance being our beliefs and meanings we have constructed. Again it is to walk through, allow and follow the inspired action.

Remember that comfort and comfortable choices are not the answer. Inspired action is not necessarily easy. It can be a stretch, exciting, stepping outside of comfort merely because of the knowing that consciousness is sharing in the co0creative process.

You have nothing to fear. Experience is experience. It stretches us. Gives clarity and joy. It can give us contrast so we can create bigger and new. You have nothing to fear. Step into your truth and knowing and watch the aspects that represent fear transmute into beauty and opportunity. This creates a new world where you once again are the center seeing the world manifest at your whimsy.

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