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Become the Frequency You Want

Take a moment to focus only on this moment, this place you are, the surroundings. What you smell now, what you feel now. Notice there is nothing attacking you. Nothing to sadden you, nothing to fear.

All of your power lies in this present moment and only this present moment!

The more present you are the more access to bliss you have and it is the path to going within. That is where you’ll find Heaven. Honor yourself.

By letting go of past and future you release judgement and expectation. This will massively free you to be, know and create.

There is absolutely nothing and everything in this one moment. By focusing into the frequency of the you- you want to be- you can effortlessly expand yourself to be that.

Is it possible that the very good actors of your time do just that? By becoming the frequency of who you want to be you will change forever the upcoming moments. Can you see how powerful this is?

You can create the future you want by embodying that aspect of you now.

Remember back to the future and how the teenage father character was nudged to be brave and it completely changed the frequency of the future to be a match for his bravery. This affected every aspect of his life.

Imagine the ripple and possible outcomes of your experience if you raised your frequency. This is as simple as finding new moments to love yourself in your NOW. Creating the desire and joy in gratitude and love. #Unconditionallove transmutes old frequencies but momentum is important. Creating a separation between loving yourself and your life may make the process take longer. Inspired action and the path of least resistance are the result of alignment with unconditional love.

It is awareness, practice, focus then embodiment. That is the journey.

Let your body guide you as to where there is still residual low frequency to release. All things have consciousness and every cell of your body has this too. Listen to your body and the world around you as consciousness shares truth.

Practice this listening to deepen your #consciousness #awareness. This relationship will serve you massively. You will feel within you your own truth rise up to meet itself.

You will feel the love within, the sameness and the peace. This is #alignment. This is being in the oneness.

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