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Being in Flow with your Authentic Self

Being in flow with your authentic self. You have chosen to be on the front line of co-creating. You knew you were ready and would be able to find your way through the illusion.

This is a world of illusion and it is only your guidance system that can light your way.

So yes you must now take full responsibility for the navigation of your journey.

Once you begin to use your guidance system, your connection to all that is through alignment, you have the wisdom to navigate every turn in your life.

This is critical because it is necessary for receiving the inspired action you requested for creating.

We are in the age of information. If you have been present you are aware how this has grown to overflow in your world. We have gone from victims to seekers to overwhelm. Enough. Take a breath, step back. Turn off the information stream which is now threatening to be your biggest distraction. Take time to center in to your voice. The voice with in that is waiting for you.

Can’t you feel the lovely presence? The wisdom? The patience? That is you. That is the authentic self which knows. Knows you before overwhelm, abuse, victimization, success, stories, lies, body, illusion.

You are pure love. Though in this reality you may never know the extent of this. You can trust in this relationship of the one who does know. Every so often you may glimpse a speck of the truth we speak.

Anything short of living fully authentic is playing small. It may only be in specially chosen areas of your life that you play small. We challenge you to examine these areas and consider letting go! Yes, you don’t know what will happen. It is OK. This only serves as tethers to a you that cannot fly. We promise you magic. Letting go is key to getting what you truly want.

Your relationship with your Higher Self can only be enhanced by letting go. Without the insistence on those things which no longer represent you. Defending them continually, you will have the space to expand into the new.

As a creator it is imperative to not only receive the inspired action but to implement it. Even if you don’t understand. Even if it does not make any sense.

Trust completely in your relationship with Source. You will know our voice by the excitement it brings. The Ah Ha!, the goose bumps, the desire to do! Do not let these moments drift away because of distraction.

While your Higher Self and Source Consciousness are loving you unconditionally, it will matter not to you if you do not allow it into your experience. Embrace it and use it to fuel your dream, passion and calling. Exponential manifestation is here.

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