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Bringing you into Present Moment

Bringing you the creator into present moment.

This is where the magic happens. Right now. This moment of Now. It can be a tricky place to be in. So much that goes on with the mind will take it to the past or propel you into the future. Neither of these exist and yet is all is happening NOW.

We want to encourage you to be aware of the re-action you are having to your thoughts.

Tio truly own your power in this moment you must first set your emotion. Then bring the thoughts into this.

With practice you will be able to hold the emotion of your choosing. Then bring in the situation de jour and allow the emotion to become manifest in it. You will see your emotional frequencies create equally delightful matching outcomes. This is the simple truth to manifesting.

Yet it means turning the old way of doing life upside down. Practice practice practice.

Like any new skill it will feel very awkward at first. Be patient and focus. It will quickly become second nature as you feel the transformation in your life.

Like a teenager learning to drive you will see very obviously how everyone around you is manifesting and you’ll want to tell them what they are doing wrong!

It is that awareness that let’s you know you are on the right path. You are figuring this out and creating programs that will expand your life and not contract it.

Awareness, gratitude, practice. These will be the way of your journey. They create a steady ride of expansion.

Loving yourself is key to all of this. Out of loving yourself you will find the things you desire to have and create. You will change to match the frequency of who you truly are rather than matching the frequency of effort and resistance.

Take it one Now moment at a time. Practice and see your world transform.

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