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Circle Back to Allowing

We are coming to circle back around to allowing.

As you have been on your journey of waking up you have come again and again upon this practice of allowing. As you have become more conscious your understanding of allowing has changed and evolved.

So here we are again. How is allowing showing up for you today? Are you allowing flow, synchronicity, abundance, experience and opportunity to flow without resistance?

Are you recognizing when you are in resistance to your world?

In presentness you can make another choice and be witness towhead comes up. Allowing the emotions to arise when abundance comes. What are your emotions? Can you allow them without judgement and resistance? Can you be merely the witness?

Feel what is would be like to allow. To let things be without judgement. To let things be without controlling them and reacting to them.

Allowing because a reason to center, to stand in the place of loving what is, of loving self.

It is in your judgement of self that the world is judged. This becomes quite evident in the stillness of allowing when you witness the emotions and voices that come up. There is nothing you must do with these either.

You can merely continue to allow. Witness more. You no longer must fight for survival. Your survival is guaranteed. So there is no more grasping and climbing over others. You are experiencing the oneness. You are seeing the direct connection between loving yourself and the world around you thriving. There is nothing to supersede or climb over.

This world of frequency responds directly to your loving yourself. As this becomes your focus, your practice, the world transmutes to one of love before your very eyes.

You no longer find yourself blindsided by unfair and malicious events. You find instead that events are lining up to answer your prayers and requests.

To the extent you love yourself and allow the world to be without judgement the results will be more and more delightful.

This is your world and as always you are co-creator.

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