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Connecting with Source

Connecting with Self, with others, with Consciousness. This is what presentness allows us to do.

Connecting with in is key to knowing yourself, being authentic and the ability to know your passion and calling.

For far too long you have depended on your mind to be this connector. Your mind is a tool. It is not who you are. The mind is a tool. It collects information and experiences. As a consult the best the mind can do is tell you your previous experience and deductions only with in the purview of its limited knowledge. The mind does not create. All creating happens beyond the mind. It is through connection with Source that you create. It is relationship beyond what can be described.

And in that relationship we create. Bringing together all the seemingly unrelated pieces of evidence, each in and by itself fairly insignificant. With mind as search tool and Source as guide we build a puzzle, a creation never seen before.

For this creating we must be willing to do nothing. To play, to feel, to follow inspired action and be amazed. There is no pressure, no worry, no outcome to chase. And then there is magic. Ideas begin to come forward out of the nothing. And we connect to this new. Feeling surprised and horrid simultaneously.

Is it no wonder that think tanks like google have physical play stations and nap areas? They know haw the innovative and new ideas are born. Not through 9-5 doing. But with Ebb and Flow. Mind activity and Mind falling back.

Without connection to yourself you will find your creative abilities completely unaccessible. Because creativity is happening in relationship with Source. If you are unwilling to be in alignment with Consciousness you will not be able to go beyond your very limited mind.

The time is now to choose abundance. Choose connection and step up to play your part in serving the highest good of all. There is not time for playing small. You chose to be here. Now tap into the “you before you came” and remember what you came to accomplish. How are you here to serve?

You are invaluable to this reality. It is time for you to understand that. Not just another worker, member, client. You are you. It matters that you are here. Leave behind thoughts of lack and less than and tap into your highest good, your calling and connect with it. It is in your calling where oneness happens. The authenticity and pureness of heart that wonders if it is you who actually reaps the reward. There is no separation between giving and receiving. They become one in the same.

We love you. Please feel deep within your this feeling via our connection. We are always here loving you and supporting you.

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