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Develop Your Tuning

Using the difficult times to develop your tuning.

It is easy to raise vibration or feel higher frequency emotion when there is no friction. But what happens when it rains for a week or someone who triggers you comes to visit, or your car breaks down unexpectedly? Are you conscious enough to remember all these are part of the plan? Part of your plan?

… This too comes up for your healing…

Yes, we see all as available for the healing. Healing what?!

Well, healing your mind. As there is nothing separate from God. It is our judgement that creates the illusion of separation which is where the healing goes.

Healing the mind of the illusion so you can see without confusion and fear. So you can see the Real.

It is in the uncomfortable that you are shown where you still hold illusion. It is in the judgement. Can you step back and allow experiencing your journey through loving yourself? Allowing there to be what is and not judge?

Feeling your aliveness as you navigate.

Can rain just be rain, and a cloudy day just that? Not an excuse to complain?

It is in your continued focus of loving yourself that you will find your ability to see beyond the weather or another behavior. See what is real and love all of it. A time to be present and honor there are only two thoughts. Love and Fear.

It is your choice always! What do you want your world to be? Love or fear? You create the script in every moment you choose.

In choosing love you are serving all. Following the path you came to honor. In choosing fear you serve no one. You live in a dream that believes in separation and waits to be healed.

Now is time to love, to heal, to wake up.

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