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Feeling Alive

This alive feeling you are experiencing is your connection to source. Without the connection you only deny who you truly are and this feels desolate. You are consciousness and it is in connection to consciousness that you are alive. You are not your body. It is merely a vessel. It does not keep you alive. It is your focus and choice which make this body a realty for you. Beyond the body and this reality you are infinite! You are all that is. You do not die.

It is time to begin living! Fear is not living. What is it your heart desires? What makes your heart twirl into the sky and bliss into a million pieces? Now how will you do that? This is living. Know what you want and go for it. Really go for it!! This is living.

Release all expectation and follow your heart. The inspired action will come. In following your heart you are the light of the world. You do inspire the world around you.

As more and more begin to shine their lights we find a beautiful ripple of new possibility open up. There will be amazing never seen before manifestations. New relationships, new innovation and invention. It will look like a leap when in fact it is a new vibration. A new configuration of the frequencies.

As you enter your heart space and follow the bliss it will no longer be possible to enter your old low vibrations.

You are retrain gin yourself. Recognizing your power in choosing where you want you focus to be.

Living a life fully realized means honoring your calling and your passions. It means loving yourself. Everything else is a causal effect of these and will just be the path of least resistance.

When you are loving yourself, you do not judge. When you are loving yourself, the highest good of all is served. When you are loving yourself you will know your truth, find your passion and completely realize your calling.

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