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Feeling Your Inner Sparkle

Feeling Your Inner Sparkle

Do you remember the feeling when things are feeling sublime? Your senses are alive with wonder. You haven’t a care in the world. If you felt any better you’d combust?

This feeling is being in perfect alignment with consciousness. You are tapping into the oneness. What an ideal vantage point for your experience.

Even with these kind of moments you will find that you can bounce out into apathy, impatience, anger, frustration, victim or lack. This is not unusual.

However, at your accelerated consciousness you are now ready to recognize and know that these low vibration experiences are an invitation. An invitation to an opportunity to expand your own experience.

Just sit with this idea and feel it. You know the truth of it. But old habits, patterns and reactions come faster than your ability to act with a new more conscious response.

That is where returning to breath is imperative. Breath is the gateway to your now. To being present. This is the only place consciousness exists. NOW.

Returning to this now moment allows you a clarity you wouldn’t have in the negative energies. All negative energies are resistance to the now moment. Because once in the Now you can feel the splendor of being, of unconditional love and oneness. You are worthy of this and do deserve to have it anytime you choose.

Once you are in the now and have access to a very unique clarity you can begin to play. Bring your current issue / opportunity into this space. Notice all the characters in this scene. Every character has a different vantage point and offers a different angle of clarity. By playing with these different vantage points including yours, you can begin to see the truth rise up. Truth is absolute and we can say that there is no other way. There is no half truth solution.

This is where the saying ‘Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?’ comes from.

As you choose truth as your guide for making your choices you will always find happiness. It could take practice. For choosing truth isn’t enough. You then have to let go or release every contrary thought that emerges to uphold some story of lack you have written.

This too is a gift. For in following truth any resistance is a gift for more expansion.

As you practice following your truth the knowing that you can’t do better than this, that the highest good of all is served by this choice even if you can’t see it. Staying in this knowing, owning your truth and following inspired action makes you a person completely empowered.

As you continue this path you will feel the very cells of your body respond to mirror this level of frequency. So many have chosen to give their power away then decide they had nothing to do with it. This is a complete prison of illusion.

Take ownership of your experience Now.

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