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Figuring Life Out!

Ok, I finally figured out that I will never figure it out.

That much is for sure. However, I feel like I'm getting clues and little nudges into a bit of clarity! I love these little aha moments I get about my life.

Some of these include; There is good in everything we just have to look, Everyone is doing their best, Tea grows in my house faster than I can drink it- perhaps many can do the same, My dogs don't work ever and yet have the most high quality lives possible, Have fun and good things happen, Love myself and miracles happen and the latest, Serving is the answer to expectation! Maybe some of these make sense to you.. Maybe some don't. I could write a long blog on each and it would still be my aha. Everyone gets to have their own. These aha's are like special codes or keys that fit the owner to perfection. So much so that if your life changes dramatically it may not have the same feeling to even you.

It is these little aha's though that give us direction and confirmation to navigating our lives and I love them.

Are you paying attention to the aha's in your life and really integrating them into your now experience. That is key for expansion and getting more of these little gems.

So much magic is happening around me that I am mesmerized by the abundance of it all.

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how it has happened. God bless the people who have this happen in their lives and then monetize it. I think it is a rare few who really get to the deep energetic recipe.

My experience has shown me that if people are not in the vicinity of the experience they can not understand the recipe for it...

As I take the time daily to work what is working and shift what is not working I find more clarity.

I have definitely realized that tv completely interferes with inspired action for me. And reading actually invites it in. Hanging out around groups of people also interferes with inspired action while being alone or with a single person activates it. These are the little map codes which give me the ability to make choices. To choose alignment! A little group activity is fine and maybe a movie with my daughter. Eating throughout the day not so, but one meal is invigorating. Finding what works and honoring this has been a boon for me.

Life is soo busy, loud and distracting today that I have to really take ownership of my experience so that I am ready to engage the co-creative process.

This is yummy. Why would I go back to numbing out in front of the tv or binge-ing on ice cream when it feels like crap. Perhaps it is a little of the self flagellation mentality left over in my genetic memory?!

I love that we get to do life differently. On purpose! Loving self unconditionally! Serving. Playing. Laughing!!! And even now I realize I could do a lot more of these too!

Sending you all high frequency love and hugs,


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