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Please remember our definition we gave you.

Forgiveness is forgetting there was ever anything to forgive in the first place!

Because in the first place there was only God, only Love. To go back before the belief in sin means to go back to love.

This love is a remembering of who you are and the other mirrors and is one with you in this memory.

Imagine going back before sin, before fault, before… Can you hold true this thought and let go of the story you wrote and focused on. This is the simple task of forgiving. As you offer this view to your brother you give it also to yourself and the healing of mind occurs.

Forgive everyone. Forgive all your thoughts of less than love. Begin to offer only love to your neighbor as well as yourself.

This is the day to begin. As you forgive you become aware that there is no one out there. You can also feel the oneness as you link you and your forgiveness to the other.

Be kind to yourself. Flow into forgiveness. It is a practice. It is the only practice you want. For as you release your brother from the shackles of illusion, your shackles disappear too!

It is time to let go of attachment to separate and this is accomplished by forgiveness! Begin today. Be it awkward it is new. Continue and see how it transmutes the world around you and your experience in it.

Continue long enough and the world as you once knew it will no longer exist.

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