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Today we are speaking of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself, the world and the other.

To return to your relationships with all that is you must heal the separate mind. The mind that believes in separation. This is not real. You must forgive yourself for this belief to return to truth.

The healing which is possible in this matrix is huge. There are stories all around you and new ones being created constantly. It is your investment in this which makes them real. You can shift your investment in these stories by forgiving yourself.

When you are engaging in experiences and relationships where you are not happy, not feeling love, you can own the projection of lack of separation that you created and forgive it.

Forgiveness is your co-creative tool for waking up. In a world where the many are asleep, unconscious you can choose again. You can choose to wake up and live a life fully. This means without making it real. To enjoy the dream whatever it brings as you center within.

Imagine facing a situation which previously brought you anxiety. Now you feel nothing, You just feel like you.

Forgive yourself for the story you have written around every stressful, fearful, angry, sad experience. Begin to accept that you don’t have to break it down and understand every bit. Instead just forgive yourself for holding this thought. Through forgiving you allow the old to release and in its place love with back fill. This is a co=creative process with spirit.

Release the story and everything that goes with it. Being right, being victim and co-dependency. They are all false gods. It is time to realize this.

Forgive and choose oneness, choose love, choose to know the truth of you.

Your freedom lies within your ability to forgive.

Separation is all that happened. Yet look at how many ways that story is told. Practice forgiveness for your liberation and that of the world.

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