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Forgiving Yourself

Your waking up depends on you forgiving the world and your neighbor! Ultimately forgiving yourself.

The act that will take you back to before the mind split.

this feels so wonderful. You can allow perceived attacks to just dissolve. To choose not to judge, defend or rationalize the behavior but rather let them be.

By letting them be you can choose to put your attention where it truly serves you.

Stop carrying the illusion forward.

If you can learn to release your attachment to others behavior through forgiveness the world will forever change for you. Truth will be everywhere for you.

It is time to wake up. To take responsibility for your alignment to Source. You do this by forgiving your belief in the illusion.

Release the illusion and all that remains is God. Because everything here is Got. All that is real. When you stand in the truth, God’s light all illusion falls away.

If you can take away all the story you have written the world becomes an easier place to navigate. This is a cream you have anchored to by the meaning you have given it.

Forgive this too! Is it OK for what you see to just be? Without judgement.

You will have to remember that your first choice was between love or ego and by choosing love, you can forgive all else.

Judgement will no longer be the default operating system. Relieved of its burden you will understand the freedom of alignment and allowing. So much less world.

You are love and as you allow your walls to come down you will see how wonderful it is to be.

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