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Happy Summer!

Well it has been humid that is for sure. I want to share about life and the crazy awarenesses I'm having about my life.

It does seem more than ever that I know nothing of my life as it belongs to Jemma Fassett. I have much more connection to my desire for loving myself and others and this is completely separate from any achievement or goal on this physical plane. Hence the physical is quickly loosing any pull on me.

This shift makes it a wee bit hard to actually desire anything physically. Crazy!! It also means that I am very much enjoying the littlest of things. The little moments are a delight that I want nothing more.

So then how do I plan to do the more? Do the thing down the road that isn't on a schedule or auto-pilot from having done it many times before?

I guess I'm back to the inspired action at that point. Trusting that the ideas and glimpses I get will take me effortlessly on the path I want to be on.

The latest nudge was to spend more time at my island home. And I began to think how this made sense. I could easily do it but where is it contributing to the expansion of my life versus being a place to run away and hide. A lot of my life has felt like it was on hold. This is a feeling I'd like to release. Then I come back to the reality that there is no driving force for any goals because goals hold no interest for me. Quite a pickle!

What's a person to do?!

What I've come up with is a practice of forgiveness. Sounds crazier than the other right?! Maybe so, but this is how it works. I'm going to forgive myself and everyone who annoys me. I'm going to bless the world and stay present to receive the best inspired action I can.

I've realized that forgiveness is loving myself unconditionally. And that those around me aggravating me are the most perfect teachers. They have been sitting out there offering the guidance of annoying me all this time and I'm just now realizing the immense value they offer.

Ultimately it is all these stories I've written that are in the way of my connection to all that is. To the oneness. And I know that it's either illusion or love. It is most definitely time for me to be more deliberate with my choosing.

What if the only thing that mattered was how I responded to the world around me? Recognizing the thoughts I choose and making them count. Knowing that I am always contributing to the oneness and am I making the contribution I really want to make. This idea of responsibility for my reactions, thoughts and behaviors feels very doable. I have no control beyond this as I see it. So all the rest can be trusted to God. That works. Whew.

As I have all the evidence around me of how much abundance is coming to me, it may all work so much better if I get out of the way and allow it to pour in.

Please feel free to reach out to me and share your ah-has this summer or if you have any questions too!

Sending you all much love and hugs,


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