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Imagine a Life of Thriving!

Imagine a world where you wake up ready to change into exciting activities and opportunities. A life where you feel so crazy much abundance available to you. Available in financial opportunities, quality time to be with friends and family, personal opportunities for growth in all aspects of your experience.

This is your life today unless you have chosen to make your reality one of survival. Yep this is a choice. While at one time it may have seemed more like necessity, today it is definitely a choice. The choice begins deep within you by knowing your role in co-creating the world around you. When you choose fear you are choosing a world of lack. This is not possible. While you may choose to see this view it does not alter the reality that so much abundance is available to you. It is merely your denial.

Far too many have chosen to continue the survival behaviors of their ancestors. Believing that there isn’t enough for everyone. Reaching always to the next for satisfaction or security.

You can stop this reaching and tune within. This idea of abundance and thriving is a completely different form. You are unlearning the ways of those many generations before you. You come to center and find peace. A peace so great that bringing it into your next now moment is a delight.

So you bring it with you into the car. Into the grocery. Into school. Into work. And the magic happens. You no longer have to worry over missed opportunities because the opportunities are showing up bold and directly in front of you. So many that you have your pick of the riches.

You can truly enjoy your in-between moments in any way you choose. They are no longer hijacked by all the stories and demands of lack.

There is no peace in surviving because there is never enough… enough time, security, love, money, attention…etc.

Today your only real choice is that of your truth. This is abundance. You can only do this with vigilance in rewiring all the ways survival and lack are showing up in your experience.

Irritations are great places to find beliefs of lack. This of where or who you get frustrated with? Can you find the underlying belief in lack? Can you see an opportunity in shifting this belief? Do you understand that in transmuting your belief you open doors to much new? It is time to open to the full magnitude of abundance.

This means, presentness, conscious choice for truth, willingness to know truth above the familiar and recognizing that there is only this now moment to do anything in. It is only this moment that we create, that we receive, that we share, that we love. You choose how you live.

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