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Knowing Truth

You can know your truth only from within it. You must not hold yourself outside of it. It does not exist without you. So in what ways do you hold yourself separate? How would this feel to you if you were in the same place in 10 years? What aspects are not aligned with your truth and your highest frequency?

Can you see a reason to change these?

We want to remind you in your conscious position as you recognize the areas of your life that are not serving you. You will want to take action.

For if you don’t take action to clear the frequencies you are not only acknowledging the ones you don’t like but upping your order for more of it. The matrix of this reality has been upgraded. The speed at which growth, change and manifestation is happening is faster than ever before. Manifestation does not differentiate between good or bad. Merely responds directly to your frequency.

So let us return to how you want to feel in 10 years. It is unlikely that you could remain status quo even if you thought “Eh, life is good enough”. This acceptance of less than is an indication of your belief in less than, powerlessness. Choosing this could take you deeper and deeper into lower frequencies. A journey of fear, lack, sadness, loneliness and much more.

Begin to look at the little things in your life. Do these each reflect your highest frequency. There is no such thing as status quo anymore, if there ever was.. It is thriving or dying. Expansion or contraction.

This land of materialism, which you live in, brings new challenges as everything you invite into your life also follows your lead.

As you give it attention it expands as you ignore or neglect it, it contracts. With the largess you acquire this can be challenging to maintain not only you but everything else too. This makes your intuition vital. Not only will it show you when something in your environment is out of alignment, but will guide you to bring it into alignment.

You will find a call to return to the simple. Simple food, simple life, simplicity which allows for more presentness.

A simplicity that allows for the authenticity of relationship with yourself and others to shine.

It is the perfect time to turn on the light within you. Turn it on bright so there can be no hiding from others anymore. There is nothing to fear. Only those ready to join you or already on this path will notice.

And your keeping dim, and playing small only makes the journey more cumbersome than necessary.

Living a life full of lave, joy, fun and authenticity is your birthright and now is time to own it.

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