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Love, Love, Love

We have been watching you and see you resisting this latest new. Relax it will be fine. And you are doing a fantastic job!

We see you facing your illusions and walking through them. Amazing and powerful!

We realize that a lot of information is flooding to you now and it may feel like much. Please relax. Remember to relax. You have got this.

It is your time. You are coming into your alignment in a way which is opening you to all the abundance available. There is so much for you. Relax and allow. Receive with gratitude.

As you decode the world around you, you speed up the momentum of the abundance.

What does decode the world mean? Well, you have created and infinite language of messages and signs affiliated with you and your beliefs.

Since you have joined the masses in the past avoiding uncomfortable situations you have also avoided the coded messages. NOW with your choice to live present and conscious you are recognizing this and making the choice now to stay in the uncomfortable. In the face of yuck and walk through it. We see you react then pull yourself together, trying to figure it out first with you head. It isn’t till you give up and send love to yourself and the situation that you are able to see clearly.

Then you feel the shift often the clarity that follows brings the answers and solutions. Sometimes there is inspired action.

You are doing great. We love you. We are so proud of you.

Keep up the connection, keep it open. So we can continue to send you information and blessings.

You are so loved, watch as the confirmations pour into you and your life.

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