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Loving Oneself

Lets go deeper. Loving yourself is the ultimate surrender. It is letting go of what you think you know. What you think should be.

In knowing and should-ing there is a strong leaning into judgement. When used for pushing against another creates a negative impasse.

Reserve your judgement for creating. In relationship recognize your bodies desire for congruency. Your happiness will never truly be aligned with rightness. Happiness is the ability to be fully present in gratitude.

This is huge for Self Love as often we hold out happiness in select areas of out lives with strong justification and proof even of our rightness. Many even go further by speaking to others to gain more ammunition of rightness. And none of this feels good, because the rightness is based on separation. The only separation that is possible is between you and consciousness. And even this is illusion. It is only your holding onto the rightness that makes it real. As soon as you let go, allowing for oneness, a win win solution will appear.

This practice of letting go and surrender is a powerful tool in loving yourself unconditionally. You have nothing to prove, nothing to defend. You were perfect before your first thought in this reality. The distance you believe that separates you from perfection is merely proof of the forgetting.

As you allow for the possibility of love, abundance and gratitude to be the focus of every moment you will undo the illusion and forgetting. You will come to know yourself as you truly are and by default fall in love with all.

This will change the reality you live in to be one of manifestation on purpose serving the highest good of all.

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