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Manifesting the World You Desire!

You are co-creating your world with consciousness. Yet so many of you act as though the world around you is an immobile static plane. then take it one step further by reacting to it. Allowing your frequency to be dictated by the view you are witnessing. This is no way to co-create. Not only will nothing new happen. No expansion and you will be unhappy and unfulfilled.

Take a step back. Make a decision to no longer let your environment dictate you experience.

You are a very powerful creator and now is a time like no other! Now you have access to all the tools and opportunities you could possible want to show you the way to creating beyond your wildest dreams.

In this reality you currently have access to many dimensions. Majority of humans are still choosing to live in a 3D reality. They have drifted so far from their truth and guidance systems that they don’t even realize there are other options.

They are struggling against the environment and each other. They are immersed in beliefs which are keeping them separate from their truth and all that is. Which perpetuates feelings of fear, loneliness and confusion. In 3D there are no answers. The very fear based energy of 3D makes if impossible to know thyself while in 3D.

To shift into 5D is a frequency shift, nothing more. By letting go of judgement and beliefs of lack, by choosing to love yourself unconditionally you will find your reality shifting away from 3D and the fear, resistance and oneup-manship. You will see the world around you morph into one of love.

It becomes the norm to feel good and be witness to so much good!

From here you re-align with your truth and very quickly you find your way. The way to your passion and calling. The inspired action you receive will serve the highest good of all. It will be exciting and ultimately will expand you.

Everything you ever knew before in 3D will be shed. It was never truth in the sense of loving yourself. All these beliefs and half truths will be left behind and forgotten as you find real truths, absolutes centered around unconditional love!

The 5D tools and even higher frequencies will offer you a new modality of creating. You can create like never before. All creating in 3D was labor some and fear based. Now you will have exponential expansion. You will find yourself in a perfect partnership with the universe.

You will be embolden to stretch your dreams and your trust in the greatness that is possible through unconditional love. Time to step up. One day, one practice at a time.

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