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Meditation is our Special Place

Meditation is our special place. It is the open channel between us. We love to visit there. It is the place you are now receiving this message.

Don’t think of it as something you do. More as a place of not doing. A place of being and receiving just as you are doing now.

The ego does not know of this place and thus as long as you choose to be here he cannot follow. However, the aspects of you which have not been healed pass just as easily to this side as you do. Know this as the blessing it is. In this safe space you can now choose to love these aspects. Provide for them, their shelter, their witness. Love them as they are so they can then be released.

The power of this space, the being in the quiet, is more powerful than anything else you’ve learned. It is the ultimate space to receive in.

How do you receive our words? In images ideas, dreams? Is it through writing, taro or oracle cards or inspiration? There is no wrong way.

We love your readiness for this and that you came to us this morning. Continue to come as there is much to share.

Now is a time of expansion. You will be meeting many new people. These all you will communicate with in ways which are beyond the everyday ordinary. People will be touched and opened by your meeting.

Continue to follow the inspired action. If this takes you to a sitting meditation, so be it. If it takes you to a respite in the afternoon follow along. If it nudges you to create, follow along there too.

Pay attention to the ideas you receive. They may seem small. You may think they are yours. Pay attention to the ideas which make you smile, make you feel good. Are you making excuses to avoid doing these?

Come back to the simple. Little ideas, we call inspired action, with from egos perspective amount to nothing but from our perspective are the next step to take to be fully attuned to you authentic self.

We want you to succeed. These little ideas are the divine right action confirming your place in your journey.

You will find outside forces bending to the will of the universe to confirm these messages.

You deserve to live your authentic life now. It is no longer time to play small. Giving away your power. Step into the world or matrix of abundance. Feel the world around you and allow it to be exactly what it is.

Then come back to center, to quiet to us. You are always welcome!

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