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Mindfulness is the Way

Dearest Love,

We want to tell you how excited we are for you. You have come a very long way and yes there is even more abundance coming your way! You are still learning and embracing THE WAY.

“The way” being how this reality works. It isn’t about education, career, family or money. It is about manifesting, being co-creator and riding the wave of expansion. You are learning well.

A big piece of riding the wave is being present. Mindfulness.

It is being present in this now moment without judgement. Without reaction to the world around you. In this state of being the information and clarity that can come is massive. Reaction throws you into lower frequencies which severely limit your ability to find anything you want. While in presentness you have access to the oneness. Not reacting allows you access to infinite knowledge at the level of your frequency. When people use certain psychedelic drugs they are able to let all the lower frequencies go giving themselves access to intense information about the all that is and their own human experience. Often these experiences are so extreme it shifts their personal paradigm forever.

By jumping onto and into every higher frequency opportunity we send your way you are playing big and we see, without the resistance to it, you are truly enjoying the journey.

Many find they expand and obstacles show up. This is their own resistance to the abundance coming. We honor you and your journey. There is no judgment from us how long you take. However, we love you so much that we will continue to assist you on your path and the more conscious you are of this the more willing you may be to make those leaps of faith which will give you exponential growth and quantum leaps!

You are so loved. You came to enjoy, heal, love, play, expand, create and experience. Please look at your life and consciously bring these in. When you do you will find doors unlock.

Magic happens.

And dreams become reality.

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