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New Flow States

Can you imagine a sense of floating while fully conscious?

This floating feeling being completely physical while the mind was acutely aware of the world and the bodies place in it. That when you focused into the body you could completely feel its position in the world and yet not identify yourself as it.

This is flow state. It is a place where body memory steps up to drive the vehicle while you cruise on the bliss of presentness.

This is runners high, the driver who doesn’t remember how he got from New York to Chicago, the monk in a meditation, most professional athletes in competition and musicians in the music. The ultimate benefit of this state is a connecting with the oneness and remembering the exquisiteness of you.

This level of alignment has the ability to correct illusion. To realign every cell of the body with the natural state of well being that you are.

There is an epidemic of forgetting compounded with behavior that keeps one far removed from truth and oneness. It is the perfect time to prioritize activities which induce flow state.

What is this for you? Where or what causes you to completely loose tract of time. What activity is so sublime that the very act of being near it feels like a pull? You can’t help but be drawn to ie. Your body is having a visceral response. You may find yourself using the activity as bait or reward to accomplish less desirable activities. The very thought of the activity feels like bliss.

The more you include these activities in our schedule you will find other elements of your life tuning to match this frequency. Honoring your alignment is the ultimate in loving yourself.

Tuning within finding activity that supports this alignment and allowing yourself to hold the frequency into the other mundane aspects of your life.

You go this. It is a beautiful dance of presentness.

Pay attention to your life as the less desirable areas begin to pivot into new alignment and begin to serve the highest good of all in ways very evident to you.

This is the way you create your reality. Enjoy.

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