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Notice the Patterns of your Life

Are you aware of subtle patters you have which show up when something good is happening? Or it could be mundane everyday happenings. However, these patterns take us into a rigid, resistant posturing. Patterns such as the alarm going off and you automatically turn it off, sit up, rub your face, stand, walk to the bathroom. A type of auto-pilot that negates any possible inspired action. It also negates the act of presentness.

It is a good time to become aware of these as they do not serve you and by engaging these patterns you are shutting yourself off to so much good!

By noticing these patterns and choosing instead to be present you can completely change your now and the future you will be entering.

It is tying in with the fact that judgement throws you out of present moment and awareness allows for presentness. Then you can choose to enjoy the now experience.

This may sound simplistic. Take a deep feel into the everyday moments that you take for granted or push away, deny or resist? Can you see how the reaction may be excessive?

It most likely has to do with previous experiences that you have had and instead of precessing them as is you have attached a meaning to them and now relive the meaning you gave it over and over.

This is why so many people find themselves becoming their parents. Making their children as miserable as their parents made them. Because they don’t understand that they are repeating a pattern they learned, they won’t stop. Reaction is not even considered.

It is important to wake up and become aware of you and your relationship to all that is. As an aware person you will see your and others behavior in real time and while you may react or be ready to react you will see that you were going into auto-pilot. Your other option of reacting is choosing to relate this current experience to some previous experience. This is a detour out of this now moment.

We must remind you that everything you want is in the now moment. So leaping out into the past or future is of no benefit.

Finding how to stay present means relating to the Now without judgement.

This is a going deeper process. You must let go of the past and what you think you know and live from your inner knowing and wisdom.

A pureness begins to flow. This moment is new and fresh. By not dragging the past into now we can have ease and pleasure. We can have forward momentum much faster that ever dreamed possible.

Leave the negative behind. It does not serve you now or in the future. You deserve to feel the lightness of peace and joy. These are yours when you let go of the old and stop dragging it forward. That is a lot of world. You will come to a moment when those old stories and patterns, heavy and burdensome won’t allow you to expand further. That is the point when many wither away, defeated. While a few, wake up and make a stand. Shedding the old as a crab sheds its shell. Finding a fresh start in now that realties not at al to the past. A very blessed place to be!

So please, enjoy the now, love the moment.

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