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Platforms of Life

All your answers are within you. Built into the matrix of you loving yourself. All answers outside of this matrix are false. It is your loving yourself that lights the path within this reality on whatever platform you are in.

Whether it is the mind platform, body platform, physical platform or energetic platform. They are all ready to share truth should you use the correct codes, which is frequency. Frequency of love and above are crucial for finding truth. Living your highest potential.

Imagine this matrix is the ultimate computer game. And the path to winning, to abundance and fulfillment lat in centering into the frequency of love.

What is in playing the game you realized that far greater than the results that came from being in love frequency.

It is the very act of being in love frequency that is the ultimate reward. Everything else is a bonus.

Imagine if every action you took only came from feeling good. From raising your frequency as high as you could and seeing what action called to you. You had no need to control the outcome. But rather you’d wait to feel that attention shift and focus expand.. excitement, fun, anticipation, new ideas, flood of knowing.. All come. This is the path. But the path is not the reason. It is the bonus. It is the path and only that. You came to expand love and your path is the way.

The way is guided by love. It is a beautiful synergy that when activated on purpose will create an unstoppable momentum.

We as bodies do not know till hindsight the full magnitude of knowledge shared in each experience. So to think you can pre-decide independent of all that is. What is best for your journey is massively limiting. However, to fully embrace the journey as adventurer, loving what is creates an unlimited world.

Follow the love. It is the ultimate GPS on this journey. Love will show you the way… even if only one step at a time…

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