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Play Play Play!

Play is part of balance. It is directly related to loving yourself and the balance in experiences you came to have.

Reach into your connection with your body and follow the inspired action. Your play is intended to serve your body mind and spirit! Not ego!

ask if the play you are interested in will serve the body? The mind? The spirit?

This is how play becomes an extension of loving oneself! You must recognize how necessary this is for your will-being. Regardless of its’ lack of money production it is assisting in the true expansion of abundance. This can be money as well as all aspects of your life experience.

Free play is more often than not pure physical inspired action. This is so helpful in your well-being. The average person has become rigid with schedule, stress, repetitive moments on and off their job, laziness, technology and escapism.

Compare these to children playing. Their movements are free and uncontrived. They act and move on impulse which is inspired action instantly manifested.

You too can begin to loosen up. The thoughts and beliefs which hold you rigid allow your body to move and have a voice. Listen to what it is saying… Move! walk, stand, sleep, skip, jump, run. Bask in the sun, sing, whistle, scream. It is all play and time is now to begin a practice of partnering with your body for your well being.

Create your own yoga practice. Find time to do intuitive stretches and movement. Love your body. Honor and respect its presence and part in your experience. Every cell has consciousness and can be tuned into for its wisdom.

Your body holds connection to all that is and can be your conduit to the infinite beyond.

Begin to find the magnificence within you. Play and release the barriers and walls you built. They are no longer necessary.

Find the flow in play. In loving yourself in your connection to all that is!

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