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Playing in the Matrix

You are here. You chose to come. Have you chosen now to wake up in this dream?

If not, that is fine, you are the one making the choices and God does not judge you for being asleep or unconscious or awake.

This matrix is but an instant in the eyes of God. It is our attention and energy to it that maintains the illusion it is.

Time is only a reality in the matrix. If you could see how what you do, think and say affects the matrix and beyond you’d be far more focused on changing those than making more money or finding the perfect mate.

Because of the value of expansion, you would prioritize behaviors, thoughts and actions of a higher frequency.

You would become your passion! Do you even know your passion? Do you know the things which you do that make your heart sing?

If you do great!!! Do more of these and find more even to add. If not, then begin the fun of exploring the world around you. Play Allow your ming to release judgement as you ‘be like a child’. Feeling your way from moment to moment.

By noticing how you feel in each moment you can empower yourself to create the life and world you want.

Whether you feel good or bad in a moment. Ask how this is serving you?

Often you will find that the feeling bad and looking into something was far more beneficial for you than just feeling good and not understanding how that “event “ serves you.

You are building your matrix now on purpose.

As you enjoy then process of undoing ultimately forgiving everyone because it feels so good. You walk yourself right out of duality and back to the oneness.

This idea of the world being linear can be quite the dilemma. It is way more. Your healing an aspect of your mind in this NOW, heals it in all time, space and reality.

You are taught something else which creates cycles of futility. Just release the old paradigm, the judgement. Choose to allow more and react less. Love even though. This is your ticket to heaven on earth.

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