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Power Through Frequency

Tonite we would like to remind you of your power through frequency. That you are in a matrix that is pure frequency. The world you are experiencing is a pure reflection of the frequencies you choose to entertain. You will always see the world through the lens fo the frequency you are currently at.

Because of this we think it would be hugely helpful for you to take three moments a day to raise your being to the highest frequency you can. To feel into this and allow it to swim through your entire body. To go within and immerse your being your mind and body in a bath of this high frequency.

Depending on your ability to imagine this could take 30 seconds or for those who are new to using the mind for creating it could take longer.

Using the mind in this way takes focus and personal mindfulness. Like meditating. However, you are stepping up to be creator and in doing so a new world will open up for you. By doing this 3x’s a day for 30 days you will be creating momentum to step into the new.

You will create mastery over your mind so when you get lazy and allow the mind power to wander aimlessly through low frequency, reeling it back to your frequency of choice will be effortless.

You decide your frequency even when lazy. Frequency is just frequency. No longer do you need to make sense of the world around you to change the frequency.

If you put on blue sunglasses your world view will be tinted blue. If you put on red sunglasses the view you have will be tinted red. You would never try to make sense of the red world to change it. You would just take off the red sunglasses.

Frequency works the same! Anger frequency creates a world tinted by anger. Joy frequency creates a world tinted with joy.

Don’t waste your time defending, judging, or making sense of the world. Enjoy the view or take off the sunglasses!


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