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Practice Going Within

As you are coming into a fuller awareness than you have ever had before it becomes much more real. How your life is of your making the good and the bad. Though with the higher frequency that awareness is part of you no longer have a need or desire to label or judge these anymore.

Your practice of going with in allows you to focus on your higher frequency and alignment with all that is. From here you can feel into the various aspects of your life to determine if they resonate or if they are discordant.

The resonate aspects are true confirmation of how much you’ve already done. The discordant aspects become an invitation. A map of sorts to assist on our journey with expansion. There is always potential for expansion. It is all up to you. As you expand and grow so to much all aspects of you. Including your enviroment.

Where as at one time you could walk down a street and not even notice the trash. You began to notice. Then began to be upset by it. Then you started carrying a bag to clean up as you went. Then there was no longer trash to pick up.

These all reflect you at different frequencies. Frequency is your tool and gift. It is up to you to change it. Affirmation can be very powerful for this. However, if you are not willing to transmute the old which does not resonate with the new you will find it impossible to move into the new frequency.

The ability to focus in on a frequency you want is all human! It is the magic with in this matrix. With in that magic is a window though which shows us OUR investment in the old. We must decide that the new is the answer. Forgiveness as letting go to any and all notion of rightness allows us to release these old beliefs and patterns and experiences which hold us back otherwise. You are smooch more than you think you are in this now moment. We do not compare you or rank you to one another. We are able to continuously see the beg picture. The flow of oneness happening through the various dimensions in this one matrix.

Things are meant to happen slower that is why this this is a dense reality. Your senses are not built for instant manifestation if this were a regular occurrence you would no longer know how to function, how to enjoy.

Savoring is a time experience. Satisfaction comes through a time lapsed experience.

You know this is so as it has become so easy to buy things. You want something today you can find it in seconds and have it shipped to your home tomorrow. Twenty five years ago you would have had a completely different experience! Often just finding the distributor would have been an act worthy of a happy dance. Today you take it for granted.

We remind you to embrace and find the ways you can savor your day to day life. Not only the foods but the people and experience. How can you increase satisfaction in your day?

A hundred years ago people got the world figured out by the time they were 16 years old. No longer! Now with things changing fast you can not count on past conclusions. There are shifts happening creating opportunity for new, all the time. With your willingness to co-create now. There is no end to what is possible. It is a reality of expansion in which to embrace the new and change.

Be open to what comes to your attention. If it is all sorts of frequency. Take time to hone your frequency. The clearer you are the more on point your world will be.

You are magnificent. Savor you!

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