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Prayer and Intention

How wonderfully present you have been in the midst of what some would consider a crisis. It is your presentness which is affording you all the abundance flowing to you. All the synchronicities lining up, one after another and the low of perfect timing.

We always hear you and with your attainment your prayers are clearer than ever. See our hand so clearly present in every moment state your intentions.

There is no big or small intention they are all the same to us. So it is you where the blocks lie if the intention feels held up. Let go of your beliefs in deserving, in value, so all requests can be equally received. The intention/ request you ask is always answered. Your ability to receive is the critical component.

But let’s go back! We congratulate you on not playing victim. On stepping up and asking for help. On being humble. On making choices that serve the highest good!

Congratulations on being the writer of your story and finding the highest frequency to tell your story.

While others use the negative as something to escape you have used it as a powerful aspect of radical expansion.

Being in a willing state to expand. Making personal attunement a priority has allowed the co-creative forces the freedom to work big and fast on your behalf.

Continue to practice positivity, mindfulness and love. They are your greatest tools. With these you will continue to navigate crisis and trauma fluidly, like a dance. Without your resistance they are not things of consequence in themselves.

You are a light force that transmutes the very structure of the matrix around you. That is what makes it all work!

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