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You have become aware of what you want. A true consciousness. As you let go and receive you begin to see that glimmer. The little synchronicities and alignments that confirm what you want is on the way!

Not only will you receive gifts of confirmation but also inspired action to build the momentum. This is a magical time. You will be feeling the lightness of expansion. This lightness will be reflected in every aspect of the new.

If something feels heavy we ask you to stop and reconnect with the receiving . With heaviness is a pushing or forcing. It is you stepping out of the co-creative process. Acting as solo creator is very heavy and labor-some. It is also limiting.

Solo Creating is a denial of oneness. In this mindset you lost the connection to the infinite wisdom.

Think of co-creating as having a partner who knows everything you don’t. A partner who not only is smarter than you but also loves you more than you could possibly imagine. This partner wants only the best or you. Balance, love, well-being, abundance.

With this kind of partner you can have faith that only the best will come from your efforts and change along the way is expected. Not knowing the how is OK. Now you can relax and enjoy your life. Your life is predetermined for abundance. You just have to show up and play your part and everything will happen.

Your part can only be received in moments of openness and curiosity. You no longer need to hunt for answers. They are merely waiting for a window to be noticed.

So notice how you are postponing the abundance coming with your negativity, stress, worry and fear. Can you see a reason to choose else?

When you feel this way, if you turn to your mind for understanding, instead of arresting this vibration, you will be guided down a rabbit hole. There is no fixing this through understanding. You must feel in your body the resonance of your experience.

Then if you don’t like it.. change the resonance. It doesn’t matter how you do this. There are so many ways. Train your mind so it will follow you to the happy thought!

This is the practice.



And intention are the path.

You are so loved. So supported. Choose to know this, feel it. Let go of all else.

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