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Silence in the Body

It is time to bring the science into your body. Oneness exists beyond the chaos and distraction you entertain yourself with daily.

Could you stop here and there through out your day and allow silence to fill you? Take a moment to be watcher with out judgement. Just noticing the world around. Noticing the feeling in your body.

This is feeling into the oneness. Allow yourself breaks for mindfulness.

By practicing mindfulness you will find more quiet, more space to be present. You will find your true voice. You will hear your truth. The mind can rest, relieved of the chase through fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Where no truth can be found.

In your quiet moments it is effortless to find the inspired action.

As you practice the quiet your ability to be in balance with your body, mind, environment, emotions improves. This is the home base. The place so many seek and don’t even know it. You can re-center here in the inner quiet anytime you want to.

It is the answer to fear, anxiety, stress and anger. Practice it often and you will become very proficient in being master of your frequency.

In the practice of returning to the quiet, the nothingness, you begin to know the truth of lower frequencies. That it is only in you entertaining the lower frequencies that they exist. For as soon as you shift to the peace of oneness, the other is transmuted and shown for the illusion it truly is. In that moment you feel free and empowered.

Can you see? Can you understand that this technique can be used liberally every day. There need be no exemption to its light. It is not for bypassing experience or avoiding resistance you are experiencing. It is for far removed from these as the very act allows you to transcend and transmute the pattern, belief or experience. This allows the light of love to be the truth and clarity is simple, complete and will fill you with love.

This is not defying the human experience. But rather honoring that you are ready for far more. The pattern of karma need no longer be the purpose. Rather love is the purpose.

You have transcended Karma. Wake up to your now moment. You may leave all the old behind just as a snake sheds its skin. Enough of old. Does it serve you today? If not, leave it behind as the snake does. It has no more meaning than you’ve given it. Release the meaning. Step into the quiet and see with clarity. Now is always new, you create it. Use the inner quiet to tune your world to the frequency you want… See what happens next.

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