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Simple Mindfulness

Mindfulness is presentness, awareness without effort. Noticing, being, pondering and appreciating all of it.

This simple shift from pushing, stressing and effecting will allow you the space and ability to step into creating. You may begin to notice little coincidences or just notice how things are going your way. It may become evident that you are thinking of something and that something shows up. It may seem so innocuous as to be unimportant. We are here to say it is all of value.

Wether you manifest one million or a connection with a friend, to us it is the same. It is no more difficult to do one than the other. Unless you believe otherwise.

It is these little manifestations and your ability to notice them. Your awareness is key to the new habit. To reinforce your part in this co-creative process so you can become more adept at the habit.

The willingness to always be doing your part in the co-creative process.

The little manifestations that seem unimportant remind you how powerful your thought is. Be mindful of your laziness of joining others or inviting others to join you in stories of lack. It becomes evident quickly when you know how thought becomes manifest. You can no longer afford thought of lack as this is contrary to the world you truly want.

Not only is it contrary it is illusion. It is believing in a separation that does no exist. It can be a rabbit hole. For as you fall into the darkness you lose your sense of real and not real. You lose perspective. When you believe in separation you search outside for answers, for the missing part of you. Rather than tuning with-in to the truth that you are whole and aligned and love.

By anchoring into your knowing of truth and love, you are the conduit for others to find their way out of the rabbit hole.

They are merely waiting for a light, a guide. To show them the way back to their hearts.

You can be this. This is the opposite of joining others and when you become aware enough to realize you have a choice you are then aware enough to choose to show others the way.

Your journey is blessed. Enjoy every minute of it.

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