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Coming back to you, your authentic self. You live in a world of clutter. Noise clutter, visual clutter, energy clutter, physical clutter and frequency clutter. It is no wonder people are foggy headed, confused, anxious, overwhelmed and fearful.

In the same way you become aware that it’s time to clean out the fridge, it is time to declutter your life. Through awareness to the various areas of clutter you can begin to recognize the imbalance and step into the new. What is this new? What is it like to declutter the visual? The energy? The frequency?

As you come back into your powerful self you will find how easy it is to create change and momentum. It is fast if you are clear of resistance!

The clearer you are the faster you will manifest.

In order to be clear you also have to take a stand to get rid of the clutter! The clutter is resistance. Clearing the old, the neglected, the excess brings about a vitality that is innately human.

People have begun to make so many excuses for the loss of vitality. Including old age, disease and overwhelm to name a few.

It is time to consider that these are a by-product of the time you live in. Excess and abundance are not the same thing.

Take a step back and feel the pull, the dragging down the excess is having on you. There is a simple solution. Let go. Release the attachment to the clutter.

Just be aware of where the vitality has vacated your life. What areas? What is taking its place? Begin to play with change in your mind and feel the different states of being and emotion that come up with each altered reality. Your mind believes these are real if you truly imagine them.

When you feel the resistance lift that is the reality to embrace. It is not the how that you concern yourself with. Just be willing to receive as you hold the resistance free view of life.

This is a new reality. A new way of living and engaging the world you are a part of.

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