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Success is Now

Are you choosing success today? Why not? What is more important than this?

OK, so lets take a step back. Back before you were aware that success was not part of your NOW moment. Here you are oblivious of your role.

Now close your eyes and think… What is success? What would be happening for me to consider my life one of success and abundance?

This is how create new in our lives. You look at big picture. You define the world as you want it to be. This is critical. Without your definition there can be no creation.

Are you ready to create?! What fun you are about to embark on. With the speed of the current matrix you are living within, your creations can be instantaneous. As great as your knowing and your willingness you will be manifesting that fast.

Please be prepared that along with raising your frequency and the roof of your emotional living space, so too will your floor rise. This means letting go of the lower frequency aspects of your life that were embodied there.

With tools and practice you will find the flow and mindset necessary to be in the practice of letting go.

The new ebb and flow can be seen as Ebb is letting go and flow expanding into the new. Feel the balance within these. Just as the tide rocks in and out so are you meant to release and expand.

Consider release just as necessary as expanding. Equally so and you will have willingness to be present and welcome those moments as reality as you do the expansion. You can be as the tide effortlessly ebbing and flowing between the two.

Gratitude now comes in a wave for all. For the releasing the expanding, the experiences, opportunities and change. All of it! You deserve to enjoy your life and this is your path to it.

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