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It is time to surrender to unconditional love. This is not an optional path. It is the only path.

For too long people have been conditioned to live in a world of judgement. This has done two things.

One- It has kept you away from loving yourself. This in turn has left you in a reality void of inspired action to access and serve the highest potential of all.

Two- It has taken you into a world of illusion where your truth does not exist thus there is no true happiness only a false sense of satisfaction from striving to be right.

How about consider surrendering your investment in the world of judgement. Imagine how freeing to let go of the tether you are holding to defend an opinion of good or bad.

Imagine allowing free reign to all to own any opinion they wanted without having to agree or disagree.

Imagine just being happy to be present. Able to hear, to taste, to feel, to smell and to see the world around you without judging every encounter.

Life would be richer, simpler and more enjoyable.

Criticism is an extension of control which limits the world around you.

If you are ready to live your highest potential self, this means activating your partnership with source! Criticism and judgment will interfere when not used as a spring board for creating.

Many use judgement for the purpose of avoiding their own negative stuff. If you were taught at a young age to be vigilant of your behavior and to question it when it is not kind or serving you’d be better equipped to see others behavior for what it is and allow it to be an opportunity to serve rather than react and take things personally.

Here again we surrender a desire to be right, to attack and to be victim. In surrendering you can choose to not make illusion real.

That is the practice and it begins with loving yourself. For not loving yourself begins the separation and belief in illusion.

Stories are then written to defend the illusion. A defense mechanism devised by ego to protect its new position as driver or team leader.

Choose the option to love yourself. See how that shows up in every area of your life. What is working what isn’t. Where have you gotten so comfortable that even though there is no expansion you don’t see a reason to question how to up level that event or routine.

You count. You are truly your own single responsibility and when you own this, you will see amazing shifts in you life experience.


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