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The Magic of NOW

In the magic of now there is no angst or worry, no stress. “But”, we hear you say, “..I do feel stress now!”. We want you to understand that it is your traveling via thought to past or future which causes the angst or worry or stress! It is your separation with NOW. It is your separation with all that is.

Do not be fooled or distracted anymore by the stories you write to opaline these feelings. At the root is separation. Your belief in other than love.

In your alignment with Source you are fully NOW. It is in this now that you receive the guidance that will create the past and future. This NOW moment is fully yours to own. This is the only experience that is.

Your focus on past or future creates a disconnect that can quickly spiral into stories of drama and lack.

If you find yourself in this disconnect, let go. Take a breath and feel into your body. Notice your senses and then open your eyes and anchor in gratitude. Feel the high frequency run through your body and allow it to fill and transmute every cell. This reconnects you and aligns you.

You are correct to notice that you are not of this reality. Nothing is. It is all illusion. You are the fabric of consciousness itself. You are in this reality of denseness to create. This is a perfect reality for creating. From the denseness to the frequency it is a perfect environment for co-creating.

The challenge is here too. For much is forgotten at transition of birth. And even more is forgotten as you are trained into the social norms. It is amazing that you can even find the glimmer in all the illusion to guide you back to your truth.

Just as the migrating birds will always know their birth land and effortlessly find their way back, so will you. It is as easy as letting go and tuning within. That will be your path to NOW.

It is in this NOW moment that you create everything. In this NOW moment you have abilities beyond your wildest dreams. But you must practice awareness of NOW to learn to use them.

Some of your abilities include manipulating time, manipulating frequency, taping into God Consciousness, expanding awareness beyond your human experience and creating that which has never been before.

It is time to step into the full HD experience that being human gives you. Leave behind the lower frequencies and experience so you can come fully into your highest potential self.

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