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Time to Slow Down

Time to slow down.

Enjoy the moment.

Use all your senses to interpret and enjoy this now moment.

You are exquisite consciousness.

You came to be, to experience, to create.

Yet when you worry, dwell on expectation, stress, push, react.. you immediately leave the present.

You might as well be dreaming as it is no different.

Your power lies in this now present moment. Your peace, joy and clarity are found here too. Time to release the past and future for the illusion they are. Dwelling in those is the ultimate escape.

Just because you may have little or no experience in your true power is no reason to run away from it. You may have been taught to escape, however now that we explain this you can no longer escape unconsciously. Truth will set you free. As you come to know the truth of who you are, you will be free.

Free to create, to thrive, to love unconditionally, to play , to manifest what you really want. All of this is freely available to those who release their obsession with illusion.

When you come to realize that illusion holds nothing you want you will without hesitation make another choice.

Begin to notice in your life the patterns that bring you no satisfaction. Is it possible to look at these to determine what the illusion is within it? For if it were not illusion you would feel satisfaction in the pattern.

Look at your thoughts. Which of these does not bring you satisfaction? Is it possible to look at these to determine where the illusion in these is? Remember illusion is everything not of God. Not of consciousness. The ultimate diversion.

Even notice how many around you will fight and defend their illusions even though they bring no peace, no joy. You can not make an illusion real no matter how hard you try or how many people you convince to see it too.

It only takes a second to heal the mind.

The resonate of truth found through your choice and awareness to heal your mind brings so much joy. True joy. True happiness.

As you begin to heal your thoughts you will find it is the only job to do. For as you heal your mind you create new frequency in your life experience. This new frequency begins to affect and change the world around you. It creates freedom from the old and surprises you with new you never even dreamt possible.

Your world is pure consciousness and will completely respond to the frequency you tune to.

Can you find the flow in this moment to act without judgement, without expectation?

This is true freedom.

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