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What is transformation for you?

Is it changing jobs or careers? Is it becoming the person you want to be or is it merely the effect of the journey?

You are a holographic being representing the entire oneness in a single atom, in your body. Transformation, all of it, happens at an energetic level first then the emotional/ feeling shifts and then the more dense levels of the reality you exist in.

Transformation is the power you have. It is the essence of creation. It is your birthright. Do you feel some twitch or urge in your body to do something? Something not in your normal daily routine? Something completely new?

Isn’t it possible that this urge is a nudge towards creating at your highest potential? A you entertain the idea that you are a creator and question what it is you create, the ideas and opportunities will come. Additionally, in areas of your life that have previously been fine in their monotony, are no longer OK. You begin to feel a restlessness, a discomfort.

This is part of the nudge to break out of the old which is no longer serving your purpose, passion or calling. You came with a purpose and it is important for you to nurture your connection with all that is so you can receive your directives. The reality is ever shifting and there was no one template to go by for this life. You must maintain contact. Think of non-physical as your handler. You will receive directions that will get you to your next opportunity.

There have been programs that have been implanted into society which derail the precess of creating. Any social norm which denies you your happiness, access to your own truth, denial of intuition, these are not supporting your truth.

You were always meant to follow the inspired action to your passion and calling to create that which has never been. The programs have stunted the human potential.

You are ready. As you come into the knowing, let go of the investment in the dense energies of this reality. You are then freed to create i alignment with your passion and calling.

It is this creating that changes worlds! It is this creating that transforms the cells, augmenting and anchoring them in a higher frequency.

In your holographic nature this transforms all. This is the power of the human. The human unleashed and acting in truth.

It is what you came here to do. It is such a big thing that you actually cannot fully comprehend it.

You are greater than religion, than potitics, than any nation. These are the product of the hologram. There is opportunity outside and within to create change, to create transformation. It is always faster and bigger though when you anchor it within you. There is not a committee to convince. There is only you.

Know you truth.

This is the basic for all transformation you will create.

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