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Unlimited Possibility

There is so much available to you. So much you don’t even know is available. It is part of the game of this matrix. For every #frequency you could tune to there is unlimited possibility.

The deeper you go into that frequency the denser and more real these possibilities become.

Close your eyes and focus into your current frequency. What is the dominant feeling or emotion. Do you life it? Can you see a reason to tune into another frequency or is this one perfect right now?

Honing into frequency, tuning, is a powerful fool for you. As you tune into the frequency you want you build the momentum not only in frequency but in the material dense world. The dense world is much slower as it is so dense. So jumping into joy for minutes and expecting to manifest that quickly is unlikely.

However, honing into joy and creating practice and mindfulness of tuning into the frequency of joy through out your day…. Noticing the experiences that happen that match this plus all the messages showing up. You know what these are, little things that stand out, coincidences and #synchronicities that catch our attention. It costs nothing for you to recognize and honor these rather than dismiss them.

This is the way. Finding the magic that is happening all around you. Adjusting your vision so these are readily visible. Not merely a nice idea or someone else story. We live in a world of possibility where magic is a real energy. It is the measure of consequence or thought plus knowing equals receiving. This is manifesting something from nothing and everyone can do it.

Magic does not discriminate. It is available to all. It is time to create. Do not limit yourself any longer with thoughts of separateness. In a world of #

possibility it is the connectedness that fuels the magic.

You are exquisite. See this in the magic all around you waiting to be played, stirred and summoned.

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