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Use Your Senses

Use your senses, enjoy your world. By tuning into your senses you will be present. It will happen automatically. By tuning into your senses you will be listening to the world around you . Hearing the messages that we send to you and the ability to witness synchronicity depends on you being present. That is the only place they exist. Nothing exists beyond this now present moment.

Are you #present? Are you hearing us?

In presentness is the oneness. Access to the infinite. Access to all wisdom all solution. Are you present?

Isn’t it possible that in the avoidance or #resistance to presentness you give away your truth? If you don’t know who you are or what you want, presentness can bring you clarity.

In presentness we are willing to know who we are beyond the shadows, beliefs and camouflage. There is an openness, a vulnerability in #presentness. There is acceptance and vulnerability. This is why so many escape out of it.

Yet everything you want is here in present moment. In the now. Do you know what you want?

Close your eyes and imagine what you want. Can you feel it in your body? What is the frequency?

No matter how grand and seemingly unattainable the thing you want is; the frequency is available to you now! Only you and your thoughts stand in the way. Thinking has to shift, has to expand if you are to expand. So begin to look at how you think, how you define and how you process experience. It is time for a little something new. A minor adaptation. These little pivots in how you function allow for the new to bloom.

You were always meant to expand. Some how along the way the definition of #expansion was hijacked and turned asunder. More money, more status, more property, more education, more friends, more views! Ha! None of these is real.

Your frequency, the #frequency in the world around you holds the story of your expansion.

A little curiosity and play in the world of frequency will create whole new worlds for you to explore.

Be brave and curious. What we have to show you will blow your ming. There is no need to hold onto anything. Welcome the new as a long lost friend. It is love and forgiveness that make this path possible. Step into what is possible and be ready to love yourself even though.

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