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What does Allowing Look like?

Are you anchoring in your heart energy? Are you listening to the voice within?

From your heart energy you are adding to the world, creating more. From lower energies, survival energies you are consuming and adding nothing. In this consumption you feel a sense of lack. That is the driver for the survival. The chemicals your body creates from sex and eating also drive you to have more. This you call pleasure.

However, once you get into the flow state, the co-creative frequency the pleasure for you will be far greater than any pleasure you could possibly have in the lower survival frequencies.

You came to be a creator!

Occasionally you may become aware you are not in a frequency which you want to be in. Simply stop. Stop doing, stop thinking. Allow the nothingness to fill you. Feel the peace of it. Then when you are ready to return to this reality choose your frequency deliberately. You can do this again and again.

We want you to know that you are responsible for you. By taking full responsibility you empower yourself to a life of abundance. No more will you fall prey to those around you. You will in the moment recognize if you choose to be there and if not you will efficiently remove yourself, and make any corrections to frequency needed. That person showing up is not an attack but rather a spot light on an area of resistance you are carrying in your frequency.

Do not weigh yourself down with these details. Allow your attention to take it all in without judgement. It is your attention on it which will create change. Recognizing something and practicing other responses goes way further than chastising yourself for yet another screw up.

You came for the pleasure! Do not forget this. Not pleasure tomorrow or next year or when you retire. Pleasure now.

So begin to activate those senses. Fully engage in the now moment. Set aside judgement. It is just a tool like a hammer. Only take it out when necessary. It isn’t needed very often at all.

Your pleasure will go up as you allow more. Allow others to be how they are, allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to have fun and smile more. Allow weather to be weather. Allow your body to be just your body!

Notice the words you use. Are they critical? Are they projections? Choosing to raise your frequency will create a new way of viewing your world as well as a new language.

Pay attention to the details, words and thoughts which accompany higher frequencies. These indicators can be your indicators to confirm you have made a change. As well when you notice a return of old thoughts, words or actions which belonged to your lower frequencies, this will be a red flag to make some changes.

You are doing such a beautiful job. We love you. Enjoy yourself!

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